OMG Snow

Fecking news is being snowed in with stories of Islands off the west coast of Scotland being cut off and losing power due to the adverse weather.

“Unfortunately small numbers of customers will be off overnight in isolated rural areas. These are areas that we have still been unable to reach by road.”  (Of course you can’t reach Arran by road…IT’S A FUCKING ISLAND!)

Lets check one of the key words there, “isolated”

Far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote.
Having minimal contact or little in common with others.
secluded – separate – lonely – solitary – remote

Wtf is their problem!? If you choose to live on a fucking tiny island, then you reserve yourself to deal with the inevitability that power can, and will, go out. It’s a damn luxury that they get power in the first place!


Obscure VM

For some reason, after eventually getting a VM to join the domain (VM Host is also AD/DNS) I found that my guest VM was fecked up.

I had managed to install a few bits and pieces but was getting fed up with working through console windows on RDP to VM Host. (Small screen within small screen)

So I RDP’d directly to the VM which stuttered and spluttered till I gave up and went to bed. Fuck it!

So this morning, refreshed I had another wee look. Continue reading

Apple Leap Motion

I would fucking love someone to spend their money on this and prove me wrong.


I mean, seriously! the inaccuracy of playing angry birds show exactly how crap this product is. Unless of course the advertiser actor is a moron, in which case the advertising team of this product need sacked because that level is so fucking easy, I don’t even know what.

All I wanted was a quick reboot…

Just to refresh things but oh no… Windows has to be a cock about it.

Reboot and comes back up as far as “Loading Operating System…”

…and that’s it. Nothing else. No hard drive activity, no errors, no beeps. nada!

Why!? Nothing has changed. Nothing has been tampered with. Continue reading

Stupid Microsoft

Right, so I jumped on the Windows 8 bandwagon when it went public. I figured “what the hell” and actually bought a legit copy*

I also recently celebrated over 365 days uptime on my “Server” (Spare PC running Windows server 2008 r2) which served all my TV shows, Movies, XBMC, Downloaders (Unenet/Torrent) and the occasional VM.
And what better way to celebrate than to rebuild the sucker!

However, this time I wanted to try something a bit better. I wanted to get VMWare ESXi on it. I had tried this once before with ESXi 3.5 and 4 to no avail – things just didn’t run at all either due to driver issues or general hardware incompatibility. Now 5.1 is out I thought I’d give that a go… Continue reading

Hello fecking world!

What a pain in the arse getting this thing up and running.

Install was easy enough, but then there are themes to steal find and download. Then the bloody .htaccess stopped any images from being shown. And figure out redirection from root to /wordpress/

Now it’s 23:45 and I haven’t got round to moaning about what I wanted this site up and running for in the first place.