Stay at home Dad

I’m on day 5 of being a stay at home Dad. [Yes, thank you. I am amazing]

So I  no longer have to deal with moronic users day in day out, which is absolutely fantastic. Even after 3 days I felt so much better about myself in that I wasn’t being let down by humanity for their total and utter fuckwittery.

Some might argue that I’m still dealing with an uneducated person, but it’s different. My son, quite frankly doesn’t know any better. That’s fine. Completely understandable. He’s learning and will be taught not to be a moron.
Unlike adults who should have already learned to not be an idiot.

However, there is no total escape…

Almost every day when out for a walk with my son in the buggy, I’ll come across a cretin who is too busy illuminating their face, playing on their phone, instead of watching where the fuck they are going.

It’s not difficult!
For starters, there is me. A full grown adult who kinda stands out when there is no-one else on the pavement.
Then there is the great big bright blue buggy I’m pushing which stands out even more against the surrounding environment.

But nooooooo. You have to walk right into the buggy and kick the wheel, jolting the buggy and waking up my sleeping son. /s

The next time it happens, I’m going to smack the phone out of your hands, hoping it smashes on the ground. And then promptly punch you in the fucking face. See if you notice THAT!