ECDL should be mandatory

My brother just passed his ECDL and celebrated by announcing it on Facebook. The majority of comments were along the lines of:

“lol congrats! urm…wots ecdl? hurr durr”

I can guarantee that these people reprobates most likely bought their computers from PC world and probably have, at minimum, 4 addon toolbars in Internet Explorer.

This needs to stop.

I would call for all employers who expect their staff to use computers to have them sit and pass ECDL prior to them being given a login ID. Each employee should know how to properly format a letter in Word, how to create a vlookup in Excel, and have an understanding of how Access databases work, even if they never use it again.

Employers would soon see reduced costs in IT Services because finally their users would have a fucking clue. IT staff would be less stressed and disgruntled because they wouldn’t have as many users complaining that “excel is broke” because they were too stupid to correctly format a single cell which messed up a simple =SUM() formula.

If I had my way, if would also be mandatory in schools because the world runs on computers now. Unless your aspirations involve digging graves for the council, every other job requires you to work with computers. If you can’t use a computer, you don’t get the job. Simple.

And if you don’t attempt to learn how to use a computer, then you should only be given a job cleaning toilets.