The self-proclaimed IT Evangelist #01

I spent the majority of last week digging through 3 SQL database servers trying to establish which of the databases were actually still used or needed, because the fuckwitted self-proclaimed IT evangelist made so many shit home-made systems and never bothered to ever finish them.

For instance, you may have heard of Growl. I can only assume that in his syphilitic¬†batshit insane brain, he thought it would be a good idea to make some kind of LAN notification system. So he included Growl in the Windows 7 base image and created a database to contain whatever the fuck he wanted to pop up on everyone’s computer. Such as “I’m a fat smelly ginger twat!”

So, needless to say, the “project” was never finished – and probably never sanctioned by the business in the fist place. But there we are with unwanted/unneeded software on every single PC, and a database sitting there, being backed up every sodding night…for no fucking reason…for the last few YEARS! It never occurred to anyone who sat in my seat before me (and after the fat fuckhead) to clean up his mess. They seemed to somehow be content trying to work amongst his slew of moronic systems and abominable processes. Or they were just a lazy and moronic…

9 Databases, but at least only 2.4 GB of data have now been decommissioned and the backups/logs will slowly disappear as they reach the 14 day age limit before being deleted… Another initiative I had to implement because my predecessors had no concept of data storage. The backups would have continued until the entire SAN filled up.