Piss off superbowl

I don’t give a flying fuck about the seabroncos or denverhawks or whoever the fuck throws a leather egg around.

I have no interest in doing work this Monday morning, but Reddit is infested with bullshit posts across all subreddits regarding this american cancer.

If you want to post something about your stupid fucking game, keep it in a related subreddit like /r/superbowl /r/handegg and let me use RES to filter out that shit from my steam of procrastination.
/r/funny is for – believe it or not – funny things. Nothing is funny about american football except that people actually enjoy that shit. So fuck off!

You stupid american twats


NB: I also fucking hate football – or as you fuckwit americans call “soccer”. It’s fucking pointless and a complete waste of money.

Abolish all these over-hyped and over-funded sports and pump that money into healthcare or something actually worth while!
America could probably afford an ACTUAL healthcare system if they put the money wasted on this superbowl shit into fixing obamacare.