Fuck David Cameron

In light of recent articles¬†detailing the proposed (and possibly speculated) “Great British Firewall”, I am disgusted by the people who “run” this country.

It’s not just about having porn blocked. It’s everything else that’s being blocked along with it, including (supposedly) Web forums.
That, along with forcing you to put your name and details on a list to say you want to look at boobies. (Not just boobies though, which is the point.)

I’m already paying enough to get online. I don’t want to pay more to use a proxy to access areas of the internet that are supposed to be free in the first place.
If they’re going to force ISPs to block portions of the net, then they will have to reduce the cost of getting online significantly. ISPs won’t like this movement. It puts too much pressure on their income.

However, I digress. Being a keyboard warrior does nothing. Write to your MP asking if they plan on backing this. If they do, tell them your not voting for them next time round. They don’t care about the vote, but they do care about the money they receive being elected.
There is also a petition: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/51746

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