Fuck cars

So I’m out gardening (read: weed removal)  and it’s quite, so I open the car and put on the radio. some ok classic rock being played.

that was  for about 30 min and I realise the radio wasn’t playing anymore…  odd.

turns out it completely drained the battery! what the fuck!?

so I  spent the last TWO FUCKING HOURS trying to jump start off the other car, but it’s doing nothing. Battery must be fucked. so I think, I’ll go buy a new battery, old one is ~13 years old, so fine.

NO! can you remove a battery easily from a 52 plate  corsa? not without removing windscreen washers, water guard, 2m of rubber seal, and fuck knows what else. Well I’m running out of daylight, so I’ll do it tomorrow… BUT I FUCKING CAN’T BECAUSE THE WINDOW IS DOWN… AND IT’S ENTIRELY ELECTRIC! how the fuck there isn’t a manual winder just in case something fucked up like this happens!?

So I’ve got no option but to try get enough charge for auxiliary bits to function and get the window up. so I’ve got to get the jump leads out again….

BUT NO!! fuck you, Grant. not gonna let you do anything. hahaha!

this fucking thing is not getting the better of me! I sit revving the good car for about 20min and BINGO! Got the motherfucker to start!

But wait! there’s more!

I didn’t set the battery back in securely or tighten the terminals. so I’m sitting here writing this so the piece of shit corsa has enough charge so I can kill the engine, tighten everything back up, and hopefully start it again!

I hate  cars!