Rip-off Peter Vardy

£6.99 for replacement keyfob parts, battery, and micro switches from Ebay.
15min to solder micro switch in place and test.


£72 for Peter Vardy to do the same which would take around 2 weeks to do.

Guess which option I took?

OMG Snow

Fecking news is being snowed in with stories of Islands off the west coast of Scotland being cut off and losing power due to the adverse weather.

“Unfortunately small numbers of customers will be off overnight in isolated rural areas. These are areas that we have still been unable to reach by road.”  (Of course you can’t reach Arran by road…IT’S A FUCKING ISLAND!)

Lets check one of the key words there, “isolated”

Far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote.
Having minimal contact or little in common with others.
secluded – separate – lonely – solitary – remote

Wtf is their problem!? If you choose to live on a fucking tiny island, then you reserve yourself to deal with the inevitability that power can, and will, go out. It’s a damn luxury that they get power in the first place!